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Few decisions you will make rival the importance of a home sale or purchase. To Greg Johnson, who has such an emotional connection to the area, a home signifies the center of a family’s life, the place where their memories will be made and the place where they can come together. When the time comes for you to make your real estate move, Call on Greg, the professional you can count on and who can connect you with the right results in your next sale or purchase.

Special Reports

                     Home Buyers: How to Avoid Paying Too Much

             A simple guide to help avoid overpaying for your home!

Finding the right home to meet your family's needs is hard enough.  But knowing how to avoid paying too much for that home once you've found it is another job entirely.

As someone who has helped countless buyers find their dream homes and save money at the same time, I've developed this guide to help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in the home-buying process.   I'll show you not only how to make sure you've found the right home, but also how to negotiate a price to your advantage.

In today's complex, fast-paced market, you can't afford to learn these lessons through trial and error.  The tips contained in this report will go a long way toward making you a savvy buyer.

      Home Sellers: Squeezing Every Last Dollar from Your Home Sale

        Valuable ideas to help you get the most out of your home sale

The "secret" to making top dollar when you sell your home isn't really a secret at all-I've been "revealing" it to my clients for years.  But because it involves a lot of discipline and elbow grease, many people decide to cut corners.  And that's when the price you could command begins to drop. 

Do not be one of those people.  During my years in real estate, I've seen countless examples where well-considered, well-placed investments of time and a little money have dramatically improved the sales price and increased the speed in which a home has sold.

My report will show you how even minor home improvements can substantially improve the value and marketability of your home.  In today's economy, there are no guarantees that you will recoup what you spend to improve the value of your home-all the more reason it's important to pick the right investments. 

But even when you don't recoup all the money you invest to upgrade, many improvements can give you an important edge over other homes on the market.  And the failure to make some improvements can leave you at a distinct disadvantage as buyers compare your home with the competition.  Believe me, I've seen it happen time and again. 


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